Lecture – Is Man Just Another Animal?

Thanks Nita, this looks well worth checking out. I’m definately going.

– Chris

News & Events – 14 May 2006

Is Man Just Another Animal?

Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at University College, London, will explore man’s evolution in the William Dick Memorial Lecture next month.

This event is part of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Homecoming Weekend and is held in honour of school founder, William Dick.

Professor Jones is a television presenter and prize-winning author on the subject of biology.

He is one of the best known contemporary popular writers on evolution.

The public lecture, entitled ‘Is Man Just Another Animal?’ will take place at 5:30pm on Friday 22nd June, in the Assembly Hall, New College on the Mound.

Professor Jones’ lecture will centre on man’s evolution. Evolution, he says, is at the basis of paleontology, medicine, veterinary science, and the whole of biology – and even, some people claim, of the very essence of society.

In these days of genome sequences of men, chimps, dogs, cows and worms, Professor Jones will talk about why Charles Darwin’s theory has triumphed and how, in some senses, “Darwinian man, though well behaved, at best is only a monkey shaved” as Gilbert and Sullivan once claimed.

However, he will also discuss how man is scarcely animal at all.


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